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A Birder's Guide to Southeast Arizona

A Birder's Guide to Southeast Arizona

Richard Cachor Taylor

Revised 2005. Rick Taylor, a resident of Southeastern Arizona has completely revised this edition of the first guide in the Lane series. The revised guide includes:

  • Expanded bar graphs, keyed to habitats, with seasonal and abundance information for 514 species.
  • The annotated 'specialities' section (a Lane Guide hallmark) provides information on the best places to find over 240 of the most interesting birds in the region.
  • Maps, directions and birding tips for the newest birding hotspots as well as a complete update of the maps from the first edition.

From reviews of A Birder's Guide to Southeastern Arizona

"If you're planning a trip to south-eastern Arizona, you may as well forget your binoculars as leave this guide at home."

 - Bird Watcher's Digest

"If I absolutely had to choose [between the two AZ guides], Richard Taylor's A Birder's Guide to Southeastern Arizona would have pride of place in my luggage."

 - Brian E. Cassie, The Wilson Bulletin

"Obviously, the book's main aim is to detail access to the excellent birding sites, and this it does magnificently... If you are planning a visit to this excellent birding area, this book is an essential purchase; if you are not planning a trip, buy it anyway it may change your mind."

 - Dave Holman, Birding World (UK)

342 pages.

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