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Sound Guide to the Birds of the Caldas region, Colombia

Sound Guide to the Birds of the Caldas region, Colombia

84 tracks of 83 species. (There are two recordings of Tourmaline Sunangel, Heliangelus belicoso.) Booklet is in Spanish, with some photographs and regional maps.

Sound Guide
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Common NameScientific Name
Little TinamouCrypturellus soui
Speckled ChachalacaOrtalis guttata
Band-tailed PigeonColumba fasciata
Spectacled ParrotletForpus conspicillatus
Blue-headed ParrotPionus menstruus
Band-winged NightjarCaprimulgus longirostris
Green Violet-earColibri thalassinus
Sparkling VioletearColibri coruscans
Bronzy IncaCoeligena coeligena
Buff-winged StarfrontletCoeligena lutetiae
Buff-tailed CoronetBoissonneaua flavescens
Tourmaline SunangelHeliangelus exortis
Purple-backed ThornbillRamphomicron microrhynchum
Tyrian MetaltailMetallura tyrianthina
Blue-crowned MotmotMomotus momota
Moustached PuffbirdMalacoptila mystacalis
Red-headed BarbetEubucco bourcierii
Emerald ToucanetAulacorhynchus prasinus
Grey-breasted Mountain-ToucanAndigena hypoglauca
Golden-olive WoodpeckerPiculus rubiginosus
Buff-throated WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus guttatus
Brown-billed ScythebillCampylorhamphus pusillus
Azara's SpinetailSynallaxis azarae
Spotted BarbtailPremnoplex brunnescens
Bar-crested AntshrikeThamnophilus multistriatus
Uniform AntshrikeThamnophilus unicolor
Plain AntvireoDysithamnus mentalis
Jet AntbirdCercomacra nigricans
Undulated AntpittaGrallaria squamigera
Chestnut-crowned AntpittaGrallaria ruficapilla
Chestnut-naped AntpittaGrallaria nuchalis
Rusty-breasted AntpittaGrallaricula ferrugineipectus
Slate-crowned AntpittaGrallaricula nana
Black-capped TyrannuletPhyllomyias nigrocapillus
Mountain ElaeniaElaenia frantzii
White-banded TyrannuletMecocerculus stictopterus
Common NameScientific Name
Streak-necked FlycatcherMionectes striaticollis
Rufous-breasted LeptopogonLeptopogon rufipectus
Flavescent FlycatcherMyiophobus flavicans
Cinnamon FlycatcherPyrrhomyias cinnamomea
Smoky Bush-TyrantMyiotheretes fumigatus
Pale-edged FlycatcherMyiarchus cephalotes
Golden-crowned FlycatcherMyiodynastes chrysocephalus
Golden-collared ManakinManacus vitellinus
Barred FruiteaterPipreola arcuata
Rufous WrenCinnycerthia unirufa
Short-billed Marsh-WrenCistothorus platensis
Whiskered WrenThryothorus mystacalis
Speckle-breasted WrenThryothorus sclateri
White-breasted Wood-WrenHenicorhina leucosticta
Grey-breasted Wood-WrenHenicorhina leucophrys
Andean SolitaireMyadestes ralloides
Great ThrushTurdus fuscater
Rufous-collared SparrowZonotrichia capensis
Black-striped SparrowArremonops conirostris
Yellow-throated BrushfinchAtlapetes gutturalis
Slaty BrushfinchAtlapetes schistaceus
Chestnut-capped BrushfinchBuarremon brunneinucha
Stripe-headed BrushfinchBuarremon torquatus
Common Bush-TanagerChlorospingus ophthalmicus
Summer TanagerPiranga rubra
Hooded Mountain-TanagerButhraupis montana
Lacrimose Mountain-TanagerAnisognathus lacrymosus
Scarlet-bellied Mountain-TanagerAnisognathus igniventris
Buff-breasted Mountain-TanagerDubusia taeniata
Golden TanagerTangara arthus
Beryl-spangled TanagerTangara nigroviridis
White-sided FlowerpiercerDiglossa albilatera
Glossy FlowerpiercerDiglossa lafresnayii
Golden-fronted WhitestartMyioborus ornatus
Citrine WarblerBasileuterus luteoviridis
Black-crested WarblerBasileuterus nigrocristatus
Common NameScientific Name
Buff-rumped WarblerBasileuterus fulvicauda
Russet-crowned WarblerBasileuterus coronatus
Blue-backed ConebillConirostrum sitticolor
Rufous-browed PeppershrikeCyclarhis gujanensis
Northern Mountain CaciqueCacicus leucoramphus

Disclaimer The species list above is in systematic order, the taxonomy and nomenclature of which generally follows the Wells World Birds list on Birder's Diary v3.0 (courtesy of Thayer Software:, with adaptations by WildSounds.
The Wells World Birds list is based on a classification created by Mic Wells.
Please note that the above list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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