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Birds of Western North America - A Photographic Guide

Birds of Western North America - A Photographic Guide

Paul Sterry & Brian E Small

Combining informative and accessible text, up-to-date maps, and - above all - stunning colour photos, this is the best and most lavishly illustrated photographic guide to the birds of western North America. All of the images have been carefully selected to convey both the sheer beauty and the key identification features of each bird, and many of the photos are larger than those found in other guides. Wherever possible, a variety of plumages are pictured, providing visual coverage and usefulness matching any artwork-illustrated field guide. And many of the images are state-of-the-art digital photographs by Brian Small, one of North America's finest bird photographers. These pictures, many seen here for the first time, reproduce a previously unimaginable level of detail. 1,341 colour photos and 449 maps.

Finally, the ranges of nearly all species are shown on maps from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, the authority on North American birding. New and experienced birders alike will find this guide indispensable: the clear layout will help novices easily identify the birds they see, while the superb photographs will help seasoned birders confirm identifications. The best, most lavishly illustrated photographic guide to the region's birds. It contains larger colour photos than most other field guides. It presents fresh contemporary design - clear, easy-to-use, and attractive. It is informative, accessible, and authoritative text. It includes range maps from the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. It covers the entire western half of mainland North America (excluding Mexico) and the arctic and sub-Arctic territorial islands of the USa and Canada (excluding Hawaii). 416 pages.

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