Ringed Plover by Julian Bhalerao
Jungles of Sumatra

Jungles of Sumatra

J-L Hérelle

Powerful, evocative wilderness recordings from one of the world's most beautiful and most threatened habitats make this atmosphere CD one of the best in the world. Pure natural sounds envelop one - like the heat of a tropical jungle, lulling one into a sense of security and sensual pleasure.

From the mountain songs of babblers, barbets and bulbuls to the lowland calls of the Asian Fairy Bluebird. From the Sumatran forests with drongos, kingfishers and broadbills, to storm filled evenings with owls, cicadas, leafbirds and the astonishing sounds of gibbons and Siamang.

Fifty minutes from Sumatra are preceded by a ten-minute concert from the nearby island of Java.

This CD was previously sold as Jungles of Sumatra 1, Sittelle Ref. SIT 30017-2.

The trogon appearing on the front cover does not feature on the CD. It is an endangered species and few recordings of its song or call are available.

100% to conservation:-

Wild Sounds & Books has donated 1000 copies of this CD to help save the last lowland rainforests in Sumatra.

100% of the purchase price of these first 1000 CDs, excluding VAT, bought directly from either Wild Sounds & Books will go towards this worthwhile endeavour. If you buy one of these CDs from another retailer or record shop, 100% of the wholesale price, excluding VAT, will still go towards this worthy cause.

This atmosphere recording doubles as a sound guide. 46 indexed bird species and 4 mammals including Siamang. 60 min.

Sound GuideAtmosphere Recording
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Common NameScientific Name
Thick-billed Green-PigeonTreron curvirostra
Plaintive CuckooCacomantis merulinus
Brown Hawk-OwlNinox scutulata
Malaysian Eared-NightjarEurostopodus temminckii
Oriental Dwarf-KingfisherCeyx erithaca
White-breasted KingfisherHalcyon smyrnensis
Oriental Pied HornbillAnthracoceros albirostris
Fire-tufted BarbetPsilopogon pyrolophus
Gold-whiskered BarbetMegalaima chrysopogon
Red-crowned BarbetMegalaima rafflesii
Yellow-crowned BarbetMegalaima henricii
Flame-fronted BarbetMegalaima armillaris
Blue-eared BarbetMegalaima australis
Black-and-red BroadbillCymbirhynchus macrorhynchos
Banded BroadbillEurylaimus javanicus
Orange-spotted BulbulPycnonotus bimaculatus
Olive-winged BulbulPycnonotus plumosus
Mountain BulbulHypsipetes mcclellandii
Blue-winged LeafbirdChloropsis cochinchinensis
Asian Fairy-BluebirdIrena puella
Oriental Magpie-RobinCopsychus saularis
White-rumped ShamaCopsychus malabaricus
Short-tailed BabblerMalacocincla malaccensis
Sooty-capped Tree-BabblerMalacopteron affine
Chestnut-backed Scimitar-BabblerPomatorhinus montanus
Black-throated BabblerStachyris nigricollis
Chestnut-winged BabblerStachyris erythroptera
Crescent-chested BabblerStachyris melanothorax
Striped Tit-BabblerMacronous gularis
Fluffy-backed Tit-BabblerMacronous ptilosus
Brown FulvettaAlcippe brunneicauda
Mountain TailorbirdOrthotomus cuculatus
Rufous-tailed TailorbirdOrthotomus sericeus
Mountain Leaf-WarblerPhylloscopus trivirgatus
Asian Paradise-FlycatcherTerpsiphone paradisi
Javan Grey-throated White-eyeLophozosterops javanicus
Common NameScientific Name
Greater Racquet-tailed DrongoDicrurus paradiseus
Black-naped OrioleOriolus chinensis
Hill MynaGracula religiosa

Disclaimer The species list above is in systematic order, the taxonomy and nomenclature of which generally follows the Wells World Birds list on Birder's Diary v3.0 (courtesy of Thayer Software: www.thayerbirding.com), with adaptations by WildSounds.
The Wells World Birds list is based on a classification created by Mic Wells.
Please note that the above list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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