Pheasant by Julian Bhalerao
Finding Birds in The Gambia (DVD)

Finding Birds in The Gambia (DVD)

Dave Gosney

An introduction to the best birdwatching sites in The Gambia - giving you a "feel" for what it's like to be there.

This 92-minute DVD covers 168 species at 30 sites throughout The Gambia including the famous sites a Abuko, Kotu, Tendaba, and Brufut, as well as less familiar places like Tujereng, Ka-urr, Kartong, Bansang, and MacCarthy Island. Of course it includes footage of many of the Gambian specialities including finfoot, Egyptian Plover, Black-crowned Crane, Green and Violet turaco, several Western Palearctic 'dreambirds' such as Dark-chanting Goshawk, Double-spurred Francolin and Senegal Coucal and hippos and chimpanzees too. See Finding Birds in The Gambia Booklet for detailed maps of the sites. 92 min.

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