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Crossley ID Guide - Britain & Ireland

Crossley ID Guide - Britain & Ireland

Richard Crossley & Dominic Couzens

The award-winning Crossley ID Guide design is now available for the UK!!

How to identify birds using size, structure, shape, probability, & behaviour.

Aimed at beginner and intermediate birders, yet suitable for all levels, this third volume in the groundbreaking Crossley ID Guide series is set to be the most user-friendly field guide to the birds of Britain and Ireland. Based on 'The Crossley ID Guide's' award-winning design, this book looks at all regularly occurring species of Britain and Ireland, and shows readers how to identify birds using size, structure, shape, probability, and behaviour - just like the experts do! Stunning images are accompanied by the accurate and concise text of Dominic Couzens.

This unique book treats more than 300 species - all the regularly occurring birds likely to be encountered by observers - and the guide's attractive pages provide a real-life approach to bird identification. Beautiful, in-focus scenes present birds in various plumages and in lifelike poses set in identifiable British and Irish habitats. The 310 plates also illustrate how a bird's appearance changes with distance. Organising images in cohesive, easy-to-understand plates rather than as separate photos, this book also sets itself apart by containing more images that demonstrate flight, behaviour, habitat, and plumages than any other volume available. Not only is this field guide a reference book, it is also a spectacular teaching resource that makes it easy for nature enthusiasts to see and appreciate the big picture of bird identification. 304 pages.

Plates and Distribution Maps shown on same spread.Plates and Distribution Maps shown on same spread.
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