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Slugs of Britain and Ireland

Slugs of Britain and Ireland

Ben Rowson

An up to date guide to the slugs of Britain. Slugs have a notorious reputation as plant pests but many species have more varied ecological roles. The British and Irish slug fauna has changed rapidly over recent years as exotic species join our native wildlife. While researching for Slugs of Britain and Ireland the authors set out to find all 36 know UK species, and were surprised to come across several they didn't recognise. Although slug species can vary enormously in appearance, and several are difficult to identify, further work, including DNA analysis, confirmed that they were distinct species. This richly illustrated full-colour AIDGAP guide provides comprehensive, picture-based identification charts and species accounts for 46 slug and semi-slug species now known from Britain or Ireland. It includes advice on recognising the pest species and their control in gardens. 136 pages.

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