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Kent Breeding Bird Atlas 2008-13

Kent Breeding Bird Atlas 2008-13

Rob Clements, Murray Orchard, Norman McCanch & Stephen Wood

Kent is England's most south-easterly county, and the closest to the continent of Europe. Despite relentless pressure from development and urbanisation, much of the natural environment survives, and there are more National Nature Reserves in Kent than in any other county in the UK, including vital habitat for rare and localised breeding birds. Because of its unique geography, Kent is often the first part of Britain to be colonised by expanding continental species, and among the first to see declines in once-familiar birds.

The 'Kent Breeding Bird Atlas 2008-13' is produced by the Kent Ornithological Society and written by some of the society's leading members. It describes the status and changing fortunes of Kent's breeding birds based on the recent BTO/KOS Atlas fieldwork, much of which was undertaken by the society's membership. Ir is illustrated throughout with colour photographs, many taken by members, and will be seen as an essential addition to the library of any birder with an interest in the avifauna of Kent.

Introductory chapters include a historical review of Kent's changing avifauna since 1850 and a series of essays discussing changes that have taken place in the birdlife and environment of Kent's woodlands, farmland and important bird areas. An appendix covers those species lost to the county as breeding birds in recent times as well as occasional breeders, feral/exotic species and potential future colonists.

The resulting volume gives a revealing insight into how our birds are coping in the face of increasing human pressure and changing environment. 216 pages.

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