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A Less Green and Pleasant Land

A Less Green and Pleasant Land

Norman MacLean. Foreword by Chris Packham.

Disentangling the facts from the hype, this 'Domesday book' of the British and Irish countryside offers a definitive and up-to-date survey of the state of our wildlife today. Norman Maclean, editor of the bestselling Silent Summer, examines the latest findings of Britain and Ireland's top wildlife experts and interprets them for a wider audience. Each chapter provides reliable estimates of animal populations, showing which species are thriving and which are in decline. A Less Green and Pleasant Land also considers the effects of climate change on our wildlife and how human population growth is influencing its development. Beautifully illustrated with colour plates and wood engravings throughout, this accessible and timely study reveals just how rapidly our countryside and its wildlife are changing, why we should be concerned, and what we can do about it.

"hope that you will read, consider, mull and mould all [the book's] ideas in your minds and then feel empowered and motivated to help move wildlife conservation in the UK into a new era [...] before it's too late."

 - Chris Packham, Naturalist, Wildlife Photographer and TV Presenter, from the Foreword

"Covers an impressively broad sweep of topics, not only documenting the biological wealth of Britain and Ireland, but also the full range of what human actions past, present and future could mean for this heritage [...] Rich with personal experiences and anecdotes, the core of the book is a plea to everyone who cares about the world they live in to take note and take action."

 - Mark Wilson, BTO News

409 pages.

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