Ringed Plover by Julian Bhalerao
A Field Guide to the Smaller Moths of Great Britain and Ireland

A Field Guide to the Smaller Moths of Great Britain and Ireland

J R Langmaid et al

This book will be an essential reference if you have an interest in the life histories of the micro-moths, but it is not a photographic identification guide and contains no illustrations of the moths.

Thirty years after publication of Maitland Emmet's A Field Guide to the Smaller British Lepidoptera (Edition 2, 1988), this third edition has the same format, with the addition of thumbnail distribution maps. The title has been slightly altered for this third edition, as much has been updated, reflecting the amount of new knowledge accrued since that book, and many new species have been added, making this almost a new guide.

This book is designed as an essential guide for anyone interested in finding micro-moths. For every species that breeds in Great Britain and Ireland, the full life-history details are set out concisely in a standard way, with a thumbnail map. Two complementary ways are provided to identify species. A species index allows the user to find a particular species in the text, where there is information on how to find its larval stages. A foodplant index enables the user to identify the possible micro-moth species feeding on that foodplant, therefore narrowing down the identity of any larvae or pupae found. 392 pages.

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