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RSPB Spotlight: Ducks and Geese

RSPB Spotlight: Ducks and Geese

Marianne Taylor

Available from 28 May 2020. This is a detailed 'biography' of ducks and geese that breed in or regularly visit the UK - covering 30 species in all. It will include chapters on the evolution of ducks and geese, their place in the natural world, their anatomy and physiology, various feeding methods, spectacular courtship displays and diverse breeding behaviour. Marianne Taylor will reveal their often epic migrations and examine their social interactions with their own and other species, including their unusual readiness to hybridise. She will also detail their relationships with humankind over the centuries, including their presence in folklore and literature and their role in our lives as both prey and pets. She will also explore their presence as feral and sometimes invasive species outside their natural ranges, and their current status within their native wild ranges as the group includes several species recently recognised as being of global conservation concern.


- Meet the Ducks and Geese

- Evolution and Adaptation

- Breeding

- Diet and Feeding

- Social Life

- Migration

- Threats and Conservation

- Wildfowl and People

- Watching Ducks and Geese

- Glossary

- Further Reading and Resources

- Acknowledgements

- Image Credits

- Index 128 pages.

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