Atlantic Gannet

Voices of the Woodcreepers Edition 2 1995, revised and corrected

Hardy, Parker, Coffee

Edition 2 1995, revised and corrected.

Vocalisations of 44 species. Announced. An essential aid in the identification of this difficult Neotropical family.

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Common NameScientific Name
Tyrannine WoodcreeperDendrocincla tyrannina
Thrush-like WoodcreeperDendrocincla turdina
Plain-brown WoodcreeperDendrocincla fuliginosa
Tawny-winged WoodcreeperDendrocincla anabatina
White-chinned WoodcreeperDendrocincla merula
Ruddy WoodcreeperDendrocincla homochroa
Long-tailed WoodcreeperDeconychura longicauda
Spot-throated WoodcreeperDeconychura stictolaema
Olivaceous WoodcreeperSittasomus griseicapillus
Wedge-billed WoodcreeperGlyphorynchus spirurus
Scimitar-billed WoodcreeperDrymornis bridgesii
Long-billed WoodcreeperNasica longirostris
Cinnamon-throated WoodcreeperDendrexetastes rufigula
Bar-bellied WoodcreeperHylexetastes stresemanni
Strong-billed WoodcreeperXiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus
White-throated WoodcreeperXiphocolaptes albicollis
Great Rufous WoodcreeperXiphocolaptes major
Amazon Barred WoodcreeperDendrocolaptes certhia
Hoffmanns's WoodcreeperDendrocolaptes hoffmannsi
Black-banded WoodcreeperDendrocolaptes picumnus
Planalto WoodcreeperDendrocolaptes platyrostris
Straight-billed WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus picus
Striped WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus obsoletus
Ocellated WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus ocellatus
Spix's WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus spixii
Chestnut-rumped WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus pardalotus
Buff-throated WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus guttatus
Cocoa WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus susurrans
Ivory-billed WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus flavigaster
Black-striped WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus lachrymosus
Spotted WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus erythropygius
Olive-backed WoodcreeperXiphorhynchus triangularis
White-striped WoodcreeperLepidocolaptes leucogaster
Streak-headed WoodcreeperLepidocolaptes souleyetii
Narrow-billed WoodcreeperLepidocolaptes angustirostris
Spot-crowned WoodcreeperLepidocolaptes affinis
Common NameScientific Name
Montane WoodcreeperLepidocolaptes lacrymiger
Scaled WoodcreeperLepidocolaptes squamatus
Lesser WoodcreeperLepidocolaptes fuscus
Lineated WoodcreeperLepidocolaptes albolineatus
Red-billed ScythebillCampylorhamphus trochilirostris
Black-billed ScythebillCampylorhamphus falcularius
Brown-billed ScythebillCampylorhamphus pusillus
Curve-billed ScythebillCampylorhamphus procurvoides

Disclaimer The species list above is in systematic order, the taxonomy and nomenclature of which generally follows the Wells World Birds list on Birder's Diary v3.0 (courtesy of Thayer Software:, with adaptations by WildSounds.
The Wells World Birds list is based on a classification created by Mic Wells.
Please note that the above list may not be in the same order or be a full and accurate representation of the species on the title concerned. We take due care to ensure the accuracy of the list, but should you find any errors, please notify us.

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