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Birds of Chew Valley Lake: Ecology, History, Tales

Birds of Chew Valley Lake: Ecology, History, Tales

Keith Vinicombe & John Rossetti. Illustrated by Laurel Tucker, Ray Scally, Gary Thoburn, Rich Andrews, Lucy Masters & Ian Stapp.

Chew Valley Lake provides a unique opportunity to study this newly created man-made habitat over the last 70 years. It describes the Chew Valley before the lake, and the exceptional archaeological excavations and discoveries made during construction, as well as the celebrations of its opening by the young Queen and Prince Philip in 1956. This superbly illustrated book is aimed at birdwatchers, but also at all people who are interested in wildlife, ecology and the environment. The book includes over 350 illustrations (original paintings, line drawings by the late Laurel Tucker and superb photos) as well as over 400 graphs and charts.

WILD Sounds & Books will donate 10% (£2.50) to the World Land Trust for all copies sold.

"...this monumental book is well-judged, well-illustrated, well-designed and well worth having on your bookshelf. Yes, especially if you know the site or you are one of the hundreds of birders who live in or like me, grew up in, the catchment area of this sheet of water. ...This is quite a book. Packed with information and beautifully illustrated with fine photographs, well-presented tables and graphs and with Laurel Tucker's artwork. There are stories and opinions as well as facts and figures. ...My Chew years number only those when I had a bicycle in my teens before heading off to university, never to live in the Bristol area since. KEV has been birding this site before I started and all the years since. Wow! And his love for this place and its birds shines through these pages."

 - Mark Avery

468 pages.

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