Pheasant by Julian Bhalerao
Skylarks with Rosie: A Somerset Spring

Skylarks with Rosie: A Somerset Spring

Stephen Moss

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As spring arrives, Stephen Moss's Somerset garden is awash with birdsong: Chiffchaffs, Wrens, Robins and more. Overhead, Buzzards soar, Ravens tumble and the season gathers pace.

But this equinox is unlike any other. As the nation goes into lockdown, Stephen records the wildlife around his home, with his fox-red Labrador, Rosie, by his side. When old routines fall away, and blue skies are no longer crisscrossed by contrails, they discover the bumblebees, butterflies and birdsong on their local patch.

This evocative account underlines how a global crisis changed the way we relate to the natural world, giving us hope for the future. And it puts down a marker for a new normal: when, during that brief but unforgettable spring, nature gave us comfort, hope and joy. 160 pages.

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