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Chris Packham's Nature Handbook

Chris Packham's Nature Handbook

Chris Packham

Explore the Wonders of the Natural World

Join Chris Packham as he reveals how easy it is to learn about the flora and fauna that surround us every single day, from boosting your bird-watching skills to approaching urban farming, this handbook has it all!

With passion in every page, Chris brings you:

  • An informative yet jargon-free guide to exploring and understanding nature in all its forms
  • Illustrated visual studies of how habitats interact and coexist with each other
  • Top tips on observing and monitoring local wildlife sustainably
  • Photographic guides to seasonal outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy
  • Quick-reference panels explaining key scientific concepts for each habitat explored

First published in 2010, this naturalist handbook has since been revised extensively to encompass the latest technology and equipment accessible for naturalists to discover and engage with local wildlife no matter where you live. Touching upon the latest conservationist issues in today's current climate, this curated wildlife encyclopedia will appeal to all nature enthusiasts passionate about exploring the natural world, whilst simultaneously setting out to protect it.

Beautifully illustrated, it encompasses a habitat-by-habitat approach, introducing readers to different ecosystems in turn with both informative text and inspirational imagery, proving the perfect gift for budding botanists, green-fingered gardeners or for the nature lover in your life.

For signed copies WILD Sounds & Books will donate £10 from every sale to Wild Justice. 224 pages.

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