Blue Tit by Julian Bhalerao


Pat Morris, Illustrated by Guy Troughton

The hedgehog is a favourite of back garden wildlife: it thrives in suburbia and is fed by countless households on bread and milk. People get very fond of their hedgehogs even keeping them as pets, but still know little about them. They are secretive creatures and scant information on their lives has been published. Pat Morris, who has been studying them for many years, is still baffled by some aspects of their behaviour, but supplies the answers to all the most communal asked questions, such as: how long do hedgehogs live? Do they mate for life, is bread and milk good for them? How far do they travel at night? Do they always live in one place? How can you help them? Do they have territories? As well as lots of questions you probably hadn't thought of.

'Hedgehogs' gives simple factual and down-to-earth information to satisfy all enquiries about the hedgehog's behaviour, habits, physiology and private life. It is written and illustrated with a sense of humour. 209 pages.

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